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Dual Therapeutic Group Home for Adolescents

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A treatment group home is a facility where youth live and follow daily programming. Programming includes regular OPS school attendance or participation in an alternative education plan, academic tutoring, life skills training, social skills training, mentoring, recreational activities, and dual diagnosis therapy. Dual diagnosis therapy refers to therapy aimed at both the substance abuse and mental health issues exhibited by the adolescents. In addition to individual and group therapy, all youth work on individualized treatment plans. ABH strongly encourages and supports family participation through individual family sessions, family support groups, education, and case management.

ABH prides itself on providing confidential and quality treatment. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance and ABH requires high standards to be met by all staff working in its facility. Also, staff working with ABH meet all licensing and educational requirements and are encouraged to pursue on-going education through school, workshops, and in-house trainings.

ABH’s experienced and dedicated staff is skilled in working not only with family and youth, but also other important professionals in a youth’s life. As part of the holistic treatment regimen, ABH staff will work closely with probation officers, parole officers, judges, caseworkers, teachers, and other professionals invested in the youth’s well being. In addition, ABH utilizes the most recent research in recovery treatment in working with the adolescent population, providing not only quality treatment, but also motivating individuals through the recovery process.

The ABH Treatment Group Home works with adolescents ages 13–18. Participation in the program usually requires a 4 to 6 month commitment. During that time, we work to help the youth reach sobriety and social stability, as well as better overall relations with peers, family, school, and society. ABH takes great care to assure that all staff attend to and respect the needs of cultural, socioeconomic, and personal differences in the population they serve.

Currently, Medicaid, Douglas County Funds, State-Ward Medical funds, and private pay are accepted as payment for this long-term care. Many ABH therapists are registered substance abuse providers for evaluations and treatment for the Offices of Probation and Parole.

Treatment Group Home Services:
  • 24 hour trained staff
  • Drug & Alcohol Evaluations
  • Psychological testing & evaluation
  • Counseling provided by licensed drug and alcohol and mental health counselors
  • Regular and emergency nursing services
  • Aid in transition of care
  • Utilization of 12-step model
  • Strength-based treatment
  • Psychiatric evaluations and med management/consulting
  • Intensive Outpatient or General Outpatient programs for Treatment Group Home graduates
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